Asa Bree x UUUUU

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Asa Bree x UUUUU
Asa Bree x UUUUU
Asa Bree x UUUUU
Asa Bree x UUUUU
Asa Bree x UUUUU

Asa Bree x UUUUU

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About UUUUU Gelnail

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Made with recycled Materal


Patented Technology

Asa Bree x UUUUU
Asa Bree x UUUUU
Asa Bree x UUUUU
Asa Bree x UUUUU
Asa Bree x UUUUU


; Nail Artist @asabree

Asa Bree is one of the members of the Nail Art revival. Nail Art Revival is the collective of four Portland, Oregon nail artists bonded together through strength and friendship. Their singular goal is to foster a creative fantasy space that makes their clients feel at home with them. They have open, creative minds & hearts, and love to share that with the people in our community.

Asa wants to paint anything she can get her hands on, you can meet her amazing art with UUUUU Gel Nail.

What is the UUUUU Gel Nail?
UUUUU Gel Nail is a new type of gel nail that is made of the actual gel which is cured up to only 50% so it can easily be worn on any nails.
After curing the rest of 50% with UV_Gel lamp, the gel becomes completely hardened as the real gel nail polish.

Good to Know
- 100% Real Gel
- Non Toxic BPA,DMF Free
- Cruelty Free
- Easy to apply and remove
- Gender neutral product

  • 29 gel Pedicure strips
  • 2 Prep pads
  • Nail file
  • Wood stick


    01. Clean any oil and moisture on your toe nails.

    Wash your feet and use the prep pad to make sure your toe nails are clean and dry.
    * Sweat, moisture, hand cream, oil on your nails can reduce adhesion of the UUUUU Gel nail.

    02. Pick the size.

    Choose a gel strip that fits your nail size and remove the clear film.

    03. Apply the UUUUU Gel nail.

    Apply the_UUUUU gel strip slightly apart from the cuticle line.
    * Please check the cuticle direction stated on the strip.

    04. Check U-Curve.

    Firmly press the edges to complete the U-Curve. It will help the UUUUU gel nail to last longer and prevent hair from getting caught.

    05. Trimming (Filing).

    Use the nail clipper to trim the leftovers.

    06. Curing.

    It is recommended to cure 1 ~ 3 times for UV LED Gel lamp
    * When the UUUUU Gel nail is perfectly cured, it becomes sturdy, retentive and shiny.