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  • Made with recycled Material

  • Vegan

  • Patented Technology

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Free Gel lamp gift for New friends! :)_


  • 32 gel nail strips
  • 2 Prep pads
  • Nail file
  • Wood stick

    What is the UUUUU Gel Nail?_
    UUUUU Gel Nail is a new type of gel nail that is made of the actual gel which is cured up to only 50% so it can easily be worn on any nails.
    After curing the rest of 50% with UV_Gel lamp, the gel becomes completely hardened as the real gel nail polish.

    Good to Know
    - 100% Real Gel_
    - Non Toxic BPA,DMF Free
    - Cruelty Free
    -_Easy to apply and remove
    - Gender neutral product

    How to Apply?

    01. Clean any oil and moisture on your nails.

    Wash your hands and use the prep pad to make sure your nails are clean and dry.
    * Sweat, moisture, hand cream, oil on your nails can reduce adhesion of the UUUUU Gel nail.

    02. Pick the size.

    Choose a gel_ strip that fits your nail size and remove the clear film.

    03. Apply the UUUUU Gel nail.

    Apply the_UUUUU gel strip slightly apart from the cuticle line.
    * Please check the cuticle direction stated on the strip.

    04. Check U-Curve.

    Firmly press the edges to complete the U-Curve. It will help the UUUUU gel nail to last longer and prevent hair from getting caught.

    05. Trimming (Filing).

    Use the nail clipper to trim the leftovers.

    06. Curing.

    It is recommended to cure 1 ~ 3 times for UV LED Gel lamp
    * When the UUUUU Gel nail is perfectly cured, it becomes sturdy, retentive and shiny.

    Customer Reviews

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    첫주문인데 젤램프가 안온건 왜 일까요?
    체크 다 하고 주문한건데ㅠㅠ


    예쁘지 않은 손이지만 후기 작성해봅이다
    시럽느낌을 좀 더 기대했는데 사진상으로 보여지는 것 보다는 반투명한 느낌이어서 좀 아쉬웠어요
    그래도 알록달록하니 전체적인 색감은 예쁩니다


    배송은 느린편이지만 컬러감은 좋아요
    아직 사용전인데 타사 젤스티커 보다 두께감이 있어서
    도톰하니 안정적으로 보이입니다.

    (2021-10-27 21:52:38 에 등록된 네이버 페이 구매평)


    화사하니 넘 예뻐요!
    연장키트이용해서 손톱보다 살짝 길게 연출해봤어요~
    붙이실때 꼭꼭 큐티클에서 살짝 띄워주세요
    저는 너무 바짝 붙인 몇손가락들이 머리카락끼임이 있더라구요