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UUUUU. Digital Gift Card

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UUUUU. Digital Gift Card
UUUUU. Digital Gift Card
UUUUU. Digital Gift Card
UUUUU. Digital Gift Card
Denominations $50.00
About UUUUU Gelnail

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Made with recycled Materal


Patented Technology

UUUUU. Digital Gift Card

$50.00 USD Sale Save

"Only for you."
Give the gift of UUUUU.

 The UUUUU Gift Card (“Gift Card”) is provided as a unique code redeemable at UUUUU’s website or at UUUUU’s retail locations. Valid in the USA and in US Dollars only. Gift Card has no expiration date and no service fees. Cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent, except as required by law. Cannot be used as payment on an account or to purchase Gift Cards. Promotional offers and discounts cannot be applied to the purchase of Gift Cards, and purchases of Gift Cards cannot be used to satisfy promotional thresholds. Treat Gift Card like cash; UUUUUr is not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Cards, except as follows: If your Gift Card is lost or stolen, immediately contact customer support (the UUUUU TEAM) at Unredeemed value on lost or stolen Gift Cards will only be replaced if purchaser's confirmation email is presented as proof of purchase and we confirm the Gift Card has not already been redeemed in full by the recipient. Gift Card cannot be returned or cancelled if purchased at a retail location. If purchased on UUUUU’s website, Gift Card can be cancelled prior to the delivery date selected during the order process by contacting the UUUUU Team at We are not responsible for Gift Cards that are undeliverable or not received for any reason. Please ensure that the recipient's spam filter does not block emails from To check your Gift Card balance, email Purchase and use of Gift Card constitutes acceptance of all applicable terms and conditions, including’s Terms of Use. Issued by UUUUU. CO.,LTD.

- 100% Real Gel 
- Non-Toxic BPA, DMF Free
- Cruelty Free
- Easy to apply and remove
- Minimum nail damage
- Gender neutral product

01. Clean any oil and moisture on your nails.

Wash your hands and use the prep pad to make sure your nails are clean and dry.
* Sweat, moisture, hand cream, and oil on your nails can reduce the adhesion of the UUUUU Gel nail.

02. Pick the size.

Choose a gel-strip that fits your nail size and remove the clear film.

03. Apply the UUUUU Gel nail.

Apply the UUUUU gel strip slightly apart from the cuticle line.
* Please check the cuticle direction stated on the strip.

04. Check U-Curve.

Firmly press the edges to complete the U-Curve. It will help the UUUUU gel nail to last longer and prevent hair from getting caught.

05. Trimming (Filing).

Use the nail clipper to trim the leftovers.

06. Curing.

It is recommended to cure 1 ~ 3 times for UV LED Gel lamp
* When the UUUUU Gel nail is perfectly cured, it becomes sturdy, retentive, and shiny.